Our suppliers form a global network of pharmaceutical and clinical nutrition companies, who pursue excellence in meeting healthcare need and demand the respective approach in marketing and distribution.


Aragonesa de Exportacion International 24, S.L.

A.E.I.24 is a fast growing pharmaceutical company with in-depth knowledge of the targeted markets. A.E.I.24 is continuously updating its portfolio of OTC/Healthcare products, while maintaining a close ongoing collaboration with distributors and pharmaceutical laboratories, managing the licensing, promotion, marketing and distribution.



cambrooke small

Cambrooke Therapeutics 

Cambrooke Therapeutics is a leader and global innovator in the field of advanced medical nutrition. We are passionate in our pursuit of improving the lives of patients by bringing new therapeutic options to those with chronic medical needs. We bring value to the medical community by developing, manufacturing and commercializing nutritional therapeutic options to improve patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, and operational efficiency across a broad spectrum of diseases.



Medtrition, Inc.

As leading innovators in the healthcare industry since 1988, Medtrition, Inc. has developed a family of effective, clinically proven medical foods that work with the body to repair and nourish which enhance quality of care, speed recovery, reduce costs and lessen reliance on pharmacological interventions.


Lucane Pharma

Lucane Pharma

Lucane Pharma SA is a privately owned company incorporated in 2009, based in Paris, France.

The company is specialised in the development and commercialisation of medicinal products targeting rare disorders.

The products will provide patients with a real improvement in the management of their disease: new products for diseases currently lacking effective treatment, improved formulations of existing products, new presentations fulfilling a specific need, existing products not available in most countries.

The Mission of Lucane Pharma is to bring these products through the regulatory channels to Marketing Approval as quickly as possible to ensure their availability to patients.




ABC Farmaceutici

ABC Farmaceutici

ABC is an Italian pharmaceutical group established in 1925, committed to research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of pharmaceutical products and active ingredients.

The Company achieved many international patents in gastroenterological and pneumological fields thanks to efforts expended in over 80 years of research.