Partnering Opportunities

Our capabilities

ACESIA Pharmaceuticals offers marketing, sales, medical affairs, patient and market access services, as well as regulatory capabilities and infrastructure around specialty products satisfying small and mid-sized pharmaceutical and biotech companies for commercialization of their products.

Our extended network across the whole of Europe, North Africa and East Mediterranean countries, gives us the flexibility to act rapidly and efficiently, always in compliance with the local and EU legislation, parallel to our Code of Ethics.

Especially with regards to patients suffering from a rare disease, but not only, ACESIA Pharmaceuticals is committed to distributing  products immediately and reliably, using our extended business and logistics network.


What we are looking for

ACESIA Pharmaceuticals is actively seeking opportunities for products with a high degree of innovation, fulfilling unmet medical needs, in a niche specialty, in order to market and distribute them in the territory designated.

We are interested in evaluating opportunities, at all stages of a product life-cycle, so if your primary target is to expand your business in Europe and are seeking for a reliable partner, do not hesitate to contact our Business Development team at for our immediate reply.