Welcome to Acesia Pharmaceuticals.

As a representative of biotechnology pharmaceutical companies, ACESIA Pharmaceuticals, forwards the innovation resulting from years of R&D, into the field of medical practice, by distributing products designed for a more effective therapeutic approach.

Rare Diseases - Orphan Drugs

Rare Disorders are diseases with low incidence rate that may lead to permanent disability or even death. Innovative "orphan pharmaceutical products" have a positive contribution to the treatment of rare diseases.

Metabolic Disorders Nutrition

ACESIA offers a wide range of highly innovative Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP), for the effective management of Inherited Metabolic Disorders, focusing on the convenience in complying to a strict dietetic therapeutic regime.

Disease Specific Nutrition

ACESIA Pharmaceuticals promotes an important portfolio of dietary products, which is supported by clinical trials and has become a therapeutic option for the medical professionals.


With our extensive pharmacy and wholesaler network, we are introducing a number of innova- tive OTC products for the daily needs of different age groups. We focus on presenting effective solutions that provide a positive change to every day of your life.



At ACESIA we work hard to provide patients not only with the most innovative therapies, but also with the safest product profiles and certified product circulation networks.



Regional presence - Global networking

With offices in Athens, Greece, the territory of ACESIA Pharmaceuticals is divided into three spheres of marketing activity, namely Europe (with particular interest in the southeast), northern Africa and the near East.


ACESIA is proud to announce the notification of Cambrooke Therapeutics FSMP products with the National Organization for Medicines - December 2015

ACESIA Academy

ACESIA is at the forefront of creating awareness to healthcare professionals, regarding recent advances in the medical field, for known and less known medical conditions. Sign up to ACESIA ACADEMY for free access.